I need info on a John Walker Robinson out of New York City.

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I am looking for A world class banker out of New York City.I need to do large investment banking deals all over the world.

Someone told me about a John Walker Robinson out of New York city. I would like to know what type of person this man is. I have to say anyone with the name John Walker Robinson must be a drink or something. Has he made any money in the banking world.

Can someone tell me about his past.

I would only like to do deals with people that don't do bad things.Talk to me.



JWR is genuinely the worthiest and most honourable, infallible human being I have ever come in contact with.

I say this in utter sincerity. I have had but an hour of his time. That hour of monopoly was a priceless estate.


He is a free mason with the Lux Aterna Lodge in NYC


do you really think anyone who knows JWR is going to tell you a bloody thing after such a classy query?

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